3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Free Scanning Experience While Attending the World's Largest Family History Event

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RootsTech 2016 Highlights with Jerry Scanning 35mm SlidesRootsTech 2017 is coming up fast! This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in technology, genealogy and family history. RootsTech 2017 is E-Z Photo Scan's third year offering free do-it-yourself scanning for RootsTech attendees. It anticipates surpassing the milestone of digitizing more than a quarter-million images, during its 3 appearances of providing this free service. 

Here are 3 tips that we have found can make your participation in this scanning adventure fun and productive.

Work With the Best!

E-Z Photo Scan is bringing professional-grade scanners to digitize photos, 35 mm slides, and treasured document to RootsTech, so be prepared to enjoy getting high-quality best scans done, quickly.

Tried scanning at home and aren’t pleased with the results? Bring those pictures-35 mm slides-treasure documents to Booth #1111 in the Exhibit Hall. There is an experienced support team on-site for the entire event to show you the difference professional equipment can make.  

As one of our visitors, last year discovered, using the high-quality, high-speed SnapScan unit provided much better results than a home slide scanner. “This is awesome,” said Jerry. “We bought one (of those do-it-yourself units) through Costco, and it was extremely slow and didn’t come out very well. This goes through a carousel so fast! It took us hours (with the other scanner).” 

Bring As Much As You Can!

Not only can you scan your printed photos with E-Z Photo Scan's Kodak Picture Saver scanners, but you can also scan 35mm slides, large prints (up to 12" x 18" in size with the Kodak flatbed scanner). Plus you can scan family history books at FamilySearch's book scanning booth adjacent to E-Z Photo Scan's location.

Concerned about dismantling fragile albums to get prints scanned? Each scanning station offers book-edge flatbed scanning technology to help make the process easy. As one of our 2016 visitors, Lauren, told us, the Kodak flatbed scanner was great for preserving her grandmother's letters and recipes. 

E-Z Photo Scan will be working with Scannx at Booth #1111, as they are introducing the very latest Zeutschel Scanners powered by Scannx Software for digitization of modern or historical books, manuscripts, or other cultural heritage.

Carve Out Some Time!

As fast as the scanners are, if you bring hundreds or even thousands of pictures, you will have to make time to be at the E-Z Photo Scan booth to help in the scanning of your images. Plan on being able to digitize between 1,000-1,500 photos or 500-750 35 mm slides per hour. Larger items requiring flatbed scanning will typically be able to complete between 50-75 scans per hour.

In 2015, one of our visitors, Charlotte, scanned 13,832 photos over the course of several RootsTech days! Now, you may not have that many photos - though you are welcome if you do - don’t put off your scanning visit for the last day.

RootsTech 2016 Highlights - Charlotte - Time from EZ Photo Scan, powered by ioTrak on Vimeo.

Consider finding blocks of time throughout the entirety of the conference in your schedule and break up your scan project over a couple of sessions. This way you can still enjoy the many educational sessions, events, and other exhibitors.

No Pics - That's O.K.!

Don't have - or can't bring - pictures, 35mm slides, treasured documents, or family history books to digitize?

Well, be sure to stop by and visit with E-Z Photo Scan anyways. There are sale prices on photo-scanning equipment, free story patches from Stkr.It and complimentary accounts to LifePosts.com.

Plus, enter for a chance to win one of three free week-long rentals of either a photo scanner or a slide scanner delivered to you, to digitize your family's precious printed memories in the comfort of your home.

So, if you are planning to attend RootsTech 2017, the entire E-Z Photo Scan team is looking forward to having you stop by Booth #1111 and share in all the exciting things that will be happening there throughout the conference.


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