4 Tips for Creating a Photo Scanning Project Workflow that Really Works!

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While you may find a variety of definitions, at E-Z Photo Scan we define workflow as;
  • Workflow - the execution of business processes as work passes from one action to another action, using a set of procedural rules.
  • Workflow Management - using workflows to coordinate tasks between steps and people synchronizing info & images between systems.
  • Why is Workflow Important? - improve organizational efficiency, responsiveness
    and profitability.

Few dispute the need for workflow and it is very likely that you have a sense for what an effective workflow solution is — and what it can do.

However, it is our experience it usually requires seeing workflow ‘in action’ (and understanding the resulting benefits) before people recognize that workflow is more than just a tool for business efficiency. In fact, it can be used to define your business, elevate its position, and set it apart from the rest.

On October 11, 2016, E-Z Photo Scan offered this presentation as part of its on-going webinar series.

4 Tips for Creating a Photo Scanning Project Workflow that Really Work!

Presentation Handouts

E-Z Photo Scan_Sample Order Form

Photo Scanning Workflow Considerations

E-Z Photo Scan_Workflow Checklist (Simple)

What about the photo scanning workflow at E-Z Photo Scan?

One of the attendees at this webinar being conducted by E-Z Photo Scan on photo scanning workflow asked how we arranged our space to and what type of workflow we used (spoke-and-hub). So, we decided to give folks a quick walk through of our workspace!


Meanwhile, our guest expert for this presentation, Mollie Bartelt, Co-Founder of Pixologie, Inc., also shared some photos of Pixologie's workspace and how they have arranged the flow of their work. (They also use a spoke & hub design with work stations in a concentric design around a central location for the work to reside when not being worked on.)

Pixologie Workspace Image 1

Pixologie Workspace Image 2

Pixologie Workspace Image 3

Looking for Mollie's recently published book mentioned in the webinar? 


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