Best-In-Class High-Quality/High-Volume Photo Scanners Creating Possibilities At Home or In-Store

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Best-in-Class High-Quality/High Volume Photo ScannersThe process of digitizing paper photographs used to be measured in how many minutes does it take to scan my picture?

When Kodak introduced its family of Picture Saver Scanners that all changed!

Utilizing unique photo scanning technology developed by the one-time photography industry global titan, it became possible to scan more than a thousand pictures per hour at 600 dpi resolution.

How photos would be scanned going forward changed forever!

Turning Your Pictures And Printed Memories Into Digital Images & More!
Transforming a lifetime of memories so they can be easily shared, preserved, printed and displayed in exciting ways using high quality-high volume photo scanning can be done as a commercial activity, in-home business, or family archivist pursuit.

Gentle photo handling, uses the Kodak Gentle Photo Separation Module, a specially designed transport, treating every photo with extra-gentle care. The scanners accept any picture, printed memory or paper document - from wallet size up to photo 34 inches long!

Finding The Balance Between Time and Money In Photo Scanning
The challenge with converting printed photographs into digital images has long been finding the right balance between the time required to do the task and the cost of getting it done. Flatbed photo scanning technology capable of producing high quality imaging can be purchased at relatively low cost, but scanning can require more than 1-2 minutes per picture. So, for each shoe-box of 1000 pictures you need to plan for nearly a full work week of time sitting alongside the photo scanner waiting for it to churn them out. The end result is far too often a photo scanning project started is never completed due to time constraints!

Another option is to let others do the work for you. Unfortunately, can becoming very costly since you pay on a "per-scan" basis and “upgrades” from the traditionally low advertised teaser prices are many times required to actually get the level of service you are seeking. Or, it may mean letting your photos out of your possession, perhaps to be shipped off to an off-shore processing site. The end result is far too often a photo scanning project started is never completed due to money constraints, or fear of loss!

Until now, high quality-high volume photo scanning units have been typically reserved for commercial activities. However, thanks to the efforts of one of the photo scanning industry leaders this option is becoming more affordable. Significant savings has meant expanded eligibility for individuals looking to scan their family pictorial heritage, archivists working on their family tree, entrepreneurs with a bent towards photographic interests seeking an in-home business opportunity, or commercial enterprises expanding their market niche. All are imagining the possibilities with these best-in-class photo scanners!


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