Bring Your Family's Photos, Slides, & Books When You Come to RootsTech 2017

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Scanning Photos, Slides and Treasured Documents for Free at RootsTechE-Z Photo Scan will be back at RootsTech 2017 with the widest selection of hands-on photo scanning equipment at the show. Just bring your boxes of prints, your carousels of 35mm slides and scrapbooks and albums to Booth #1111 to get started.

Professional Scanning Equipment To Use for Free

You’ll get the chance to  work with professional-grade scanning equipment to preserve your family memories, during the exhibit hours, Feb. 8-11, 2017, in Salt Lake City. This is the first event in the company’s year-long program to ‘Make 2017 the Year to Digitize Your Family Photos’, encouraging all families to make their family histories digital.

Just bring any quantity of photo prints, scrapbook pages and slides to expo Booth #1111  to use high-speed scanners to digitize family memories, without having those treasured photos leave your possession. To make image storage easy and simple, E-Z Photo Scan will make photos available after the event. Also, on Saturday, E-Z Photo Scan is part of the interactive activities of Family Discovery Day. This year, E-Z Photo Scan expects to eclipse a combined total of 250,000 family photos scanned from its three RootsTech appearances.

Your Chance to Join in Celebration of Digitize Your Family Photos in 2017

RootsTech attendees will also be able to take advantage of sale prices on photo-scanning equipment, free story patches from Stkr.It (while supplies last), and a chance to win one of three free week-long rentals of either a photo scanner or a slide scanner.

“This is the first event of the year-long program to ‘Digitize Your Family Photos’ in 2017 and it is going to be bigger than ever,"  says Richard “Rick” Lippert, president, E-Z Photo Scan. "We are bringing lots of professional Kodak Picture Saver Scanners, SlideSnap 35mm slide scanners, and the brand new SlideSnap X1 auto-slide scanner. Plus, we are working with our friends from Scannx in introducing the very latest Zeutschel Scanners powered by Scannx Software for digitization of modern or historical books, manuscripts, or other cultural heritage.

Get Your Family History Books Scanned, Too!

“We are also encouraging all RootsTech attendees to bring family history books for free scanning at the neighboring FamilySearch booth,” adds Lippert.

“At RootsTech, FamilySearch will have a separate book-scanning booth, across from E-Z Photo Scan,” says Dennis Meldrum, Manager, Book Scanning Operations at FamilySearch. “We will scan personal history books at the conference and make them available on our website within a week. There are currently 320,000 books on the site, and hope to add 300 more at RootsTech.” (Note: The books scanned must be in the public domain or personal family histories that attendees are willing to have posted on the FamilySearch book site.)

Need help getting started? No problem! E-Z Photo Scan will have helpful staff on hand during show hours, as well as offering free consultations with professional personal photo organizers.

“RootsTech attendees understand the value of pictures and realize the importance of family treasures in the form of photographs,” says Kathy Craig, of Memories Managed, a certified member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) based in Columbia, S.C. This will be Kathy’s second time helping RootsTech attendees. “They come with hearts full of family and enjoy their pictures. As I scan client photos, family histories come to life.”

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