Development of Toolbox of Photo Organization and Scanning Utilities Underway

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Development of Toolbox of Photo Organization and Scanning Utilities UnderwayTeam E-Z Photo Scan is working on a new photo scanning toolbox. It will contain utility applications designed specifically to assist in working with the digitization of printed photos or treasured documents. Additionally, a number of special calculators are being developed to provide useful information about resolution, estimated file sizes, printing of digital images, references about photo and paper media, and more.  

"We are pretty excited about being able to bring an updated version of all these utilities and computation tools all into a single source for the photo organizing and scanning community," said Mylan Connelly, Senior Developer at i/oTrak, Inc., the parent company of E-Z Photo Scan.

According to Connelly, making available these functions in one toolbox is going to be a big time saver while offering several unique tools in helping to improve naming and adding metadata to digital images. A beta version of the E-Z Photo Scan Utility Toolbox is being released the 2nd week of December 2016. Members of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers have been invited to participate in evaluating these new photo handling tools. 

This group was select because these Photo Organizers are a community of independent business owners and serious in offering a wide range of photo creation, organization, and management services. Collectively, they are expected to be able to give the individual tools within this toolbox a thorough evaluation within a short period.

A full release of the E-Z Photo Scan Toolbox of Photo Utility Applications & Calculators is expected by the end of the 1st quarter of 2017.

E-Z Photo Scan ToolBox home page

Compatible with both Win or Mac Operating Systems, the E-Z Photo Scan Toolbox will offer a simple, no-frills approach to making available key utility applications and calculators used to serve as support tools in the process of photo organization and digitization.




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