E-Z Photo Scan Teams Up with SHOTBOX Photo Studio Creator

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E-Z Photo Scan has announced it is now taking orders for the SHOTBOX Pop-up Photo Studio. The SHOTBOX is the first ever fully contained, tabletop, collapsible, portable, lightweight photo studio. Perfect for photos, documents and objects.

Its unique design provides high-quality images for a wide variety of uses. Simply setup up SHOTBOX and take a photo using any smartphone or camera.

The SHOTBOX is a clever invention that elevates the use of the camera on smart devices, though any camera including DSLR’s and Digital can take full advaShotBoxntage. It is a hardware tool that emulates a scanner but does much more. Within literally seconds a user can be set up and taking great photos of albums, scrapbooks pages (up to 12" x 12"), documents, journals, etsy, eBay or Amazon object items. Openings strategically placed on the top of the unit make overhead shots a snap. The large open side permits imaging of both small and large objects.

Aaron Johnson, Shotbox, LLC is founder and inventor. He came up with the original idea over 12 years ago when trying to figure out an easier way to scan 12x12 scrapbook pages. Solutions for scanning oversized documents have always been challenging and not very practical for consumers. His background in digital consumer art, fonts, design and the scrapbooking industry, including coinvention of the Cricut Electronic Cutter, strengthens his resolve to find a solution that everyone can benefit from.



SideShotLooking for a superb solution for using your cell phone for 3D objects through the side opening? The SHOTBOX's Sideshot is your answer.

It’s easy to attach. Simply slip the foot into the front or middle hole and it will settle into place. You can adjust the height, distance and angle instantly. LED's are mounted on the back of the panel to provide key light to the shot. Each SideShot kit comes with backdrops colored white, black, blue and green.

SHOTBOX System Uses

The SHOTBOX system is the premier photo studio for the following:

-Historical Artifacts
-Bound Books
-Food Blogs
-Product Photo Shoots
-Specialty Object Photography
-And Much More!


Order your SHOTBOX Photo Studio or SHOTBOX Photo Studio/Sideshot Bundle now from E-Z Photo Scan and move to the head of the line!

The overwhelming success of the recent KICKSTARTER campaign for the SHOTBOX Photo Studio means limited availability until January 2016. All E-Z Photo Scan orders to be fulfilled by early December 2015. (Cancel anytime, for any reason before shipment and receive a full refund.)

Meet the SHOTBOX Photo Studio


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