New Features Available for Kodak PS410 & P810 Photo Scanners

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Like Nothing Ever Before in the World of Photo Scanning

When Kodak released its 2nd generation of the Picture Saver Scanning System family in 2011, the digitization community sat up and took notice at both the PS410 & PS810 models. These units offered powerful productivity and image quality features never before all wrapped up into a single scanner package. These included;
  • Gentle Photo Handling
  • Flexible Worklfow
  • Up to 100 Mixed-Size Pictures per Batch
  • Automatic Image Straightening
  • Software-Based Image Cleaning
  • Up to 65 Pictures per Minute Throughput at 300 dpi
  • Output Resolution Options of 300, 600, and 1200 dpi
  • Output File Format of JPEG, TIFF, RTF, BMP, PDF, and searchable PDF

2 Years Later…That Was Then – This is Now!

New Features Available from Kodak PS410-PS810Intel co-founder Gordon Moore coined ‘Moore’s law’ back in 1965. This principle famously predicted the impact upon the computing world, into the foreseeable future, as the number of transistors design engineers could pack on board circuit boards continued to double almost every 18-24 months. So, it is no surprise that manufacturer’s like Microsoft introduce significant operating system changes to try and keep up with these changes.

When the PS410 and PS810 were originally released, they were supported by not only the most current version of Windows 7 but also Windows versions XP, XP x64 and Vista SP2. However, when Windows 8 became available, for general availability in October 2012, Kodak knew the day would arrive when owners of these Picture Saver Scanning System family members could face OS compatibility issues.

A 2-Pronged Plan to Resolve Windows 8 OS Compatibility + More!

In order to solve the Windows 8 OS compatibility issues, Kodak deployed a 2-pronged approach. The first step was to address compatibility with the then recently released 3rd generation Picture Saver Scanning System models, the PS50 and PS80.

Having come to market just prior to general availability of Windows 8, these units faced the same predicament as their direct cousins the PS410 and PS810 in supporting Windows 7 and prior versions. The second part of this compatibility plan was to roll out a Window 8 upgrade for the PS410 and PS810.

When the Eastman Kodak Company divested themselves of their Document Imaging and Personalized Imaging businesses to U.K. Kodak Pension Plan (KPP), becoming Kodak Alaris, the new Worldwide Product and Integration Team decided to up the ante. Instead of just making the PS410 and PS810 Windows compatible, the Photo Capture Products Team from Kodak Alaris set out to increase the value of these systems by adding the ability to integrate its current flatbed scanning accessories.

This new release is available – at no charge - from Kodak Alaris; PS410 (V4.0.4 Update) | PS810 (V4.1.5 Update).

Need assistance upgrading your PS410 or PS810 unit? E-Z Photo Scan offers sales and support, in both the U.S. & Canada, of Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems. Our professionals are available to help. Contact us today toll-free; U.S. 1-866-468-7250 | Canada 1-866-468-7250 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Flexible Freedom to Scan Exceptional Photos, Treasured Documents & Beyond

The Kodak Legal Flatbed Accessory and the new Kodak A3 Size Flatbed Accessory —used in conjunction with a compatible Kodak Scanner, such as the PS410 or PS810 —allow you to easily scan fragile or oversized documents, books, magazines, photo enlargements and more.

These flatbeds attach and detach in seconds for easy storage, when not in use. Each unit features book-edge scanning that allows you to scan one page at a time and eliminates blurred or dark imaging in the “gutter” area of a book that sits fully opened on the glass platen.

This addition offers improved workflow and output capabilities. Incorporating the Kodak Alaris flatbed accessory technology into your photo scanning system using either the PS410 or PS810, is a sure fire way to achieve significant improvements in both quality and performance.

An Exclusive Offer!

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