10 Tools You Don't Want to Start Scanning Photos Without!

Posted by Richard Lippert on

What's in your photo scanning toolbox?

So, you have some photos and a scanner. Congratulations!

But, whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist there are a number necessary tools that will make any photo scanning project go more smoothly. In a recent presentation from their Webinar Series presentation, E-Z Photo Scan let attendees peer into their very own photo scanning toolbox to look at the top 10 things you don't want to scan photos without and learn why.

To help make it easy to classify the tools in their toolbox, E-Z Photo Scan has developed a classification system. The system defines tools by function and includes; Handling, Environmental, Support. The table below shows how their Top 10 tools fall by ranking and classification.

Top 10 Photo Scanning Tools listed by classification

Take a Look at All the Photo Scanning Tools in E-Z Photo Scan's Toolbox!

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