Scanning Photos Named as Great Home Business

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Scanning Photos can be a Great Home BusinessIf you’re a woman who is looking to find a legitimate work at home job, or if you’re looking to launch and run your own home-based business, then you probably know about Holly!

Holly Reisem Hanna is the founder of the website; The Work at Home Woman. Named by Forbes as one of the top websites for your career, The Work at Home Woman is an advocate for telecommuting and home-based businesses that empower women to balance life on their own terms.

Hot Work at Home Jobs

In The Work at Home Woman's Hot Work at Home Jobs for 2015 series recently released, Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) founder Cathi Nelson offers insight in how Scanning Photos can be a Great Home Business.

Cathi shares a personal story about her 17-year old daughter operating a home-based photo scanning business that is not only generating income, but also helping the two of them bond through the lessons learned of taking responsibility, customer service, job estimating and handling money. Plus, it can be fun to know you are helping to liberate non-digital photographs through photo scanning. Once scanned, family, friends, neighbors and others have many ways to organize, keep, share and connect using the ever-growing photo sharing applications.

Building Blocks to Success

The potential for a home-based photo scanning business is becoming more recognized, as the trend continues to grows of individuals not very eager to package up their pictures and ship them off to total strangers at some huge scanning facility. The appeal for a personalized level of service and added assistance in helping to sort and organize photos before they are digitized is also growing. Then, there is the issue of 'what happens next', once your photos are scanned. Knowing the individual who helped scan your photos is there to assist you in organizing and integrating them into your digital collection can make all the difference in the world.

Have Pictures?...You Can Help!

Ms. Nelson's article sites numerous resources to get you headed in the right direction. A home-based photo scanning business requires a relatively small investment to get you scanning like the pros. Another reference about How to Start a Scanning Business, written by Matt McKay for the Houston Chronicle, walks those interested through an 8-step plan listing most of what should be considered in getting started.

Getting Started

Both McKay and Nelson point out that photo or image scanning involves a different skill sets and equipment than traditional document scanning. Training is now available through sources like APPO's National Conference that features small group and interactive learning workshops led by certified photo organizers. 

Nelson also referenced E-Z Photo Scan's Building Blocks to Succe$$ - Considerations for a Photo Organizing Consultant, to help identify the typical earnings a home-based photo scanning business can expect to enjoy.

Looking to Learn More?

If you are considering starting a home-based photo scanning business, contact the digitizing professionals at E-Z Photo Scan. Founded in 1995, E-Z Photo Scan has worked with thousands of organizers, community centers, historical societies, museums, and individuals to help them organize and preserve their photos and documents. Our team has long been recognized for helping with the digitizing needs of photo organizers, individual archivists, and management service providers. In fact, E-Z Photo Scan was awarded Kodak Alaris’ 2013 Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems Global Value-Added Re-Seller Leader of the Year.


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