Treasure to Trash: Journey of a Fragment in Time on KodaChrome

Posted by Richard Lippert on

Who doesn't love a mystery? 

New York Times reporter, Deborah Acosta, had no idea how a single KodaChrome slide she found  on a sidewalk in New York City would turn into uncovering what was behind a mysterious bag of trash. 

It turns out the trash bag was filled with abandoned slides. What's their story? Who tossed them out? Why did these castaways now lay lifeless on the concrete pavement, after being dragged to the curb then kicked and jostled by passer-bys?

This short documentary chronicles Acosta's journey to untangle the mystery of the castaway fragments of time recorded onto slides and how social media played a pivotal role. It also provides insight into the deep emotions (good, bad, or indifferent) we all associate with unlocking the power of pictures, as her investigation reveals the story behind the slides and the life of their creator.



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