Unlocking the Power of Photos at Your Next Family Reunion

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Summer is a often a time for family reunionsSummer is a time many families gather from all around the country, for family reunions. Some make them annual events, while others meet less regularly. Regardless, family reunions are a great chance to reconnect with loved ones and distant families and to meet new family members.

Are you looking for a way to bring alive the stories of your family and its ancestors in a fun and innovative way at your next family reunion? Now you can, by unlocking the power of pictures!

Everyone has stashes of aging printed photos in shoeboxes and albums gathering dust on shelves. These contain a treasure trove of memories about family members, outings, events, and special occasions. Just imagine the possibilities if you could bring these treasures back to life and relive the fond memories they captured in pictures.

A new rental program of professional photo scanning equipment is doing just that. “After starting our rentals of the high-quality, high-speed Kodak Picture Saver Scanners, we began getting calls from all over the country from individuals wanting to incorporate them into their upcoming family reunions,” states David Vazquez, Client Support Manager at E-Z Photo Scan.

Family reunions are traditions worth preserving for generations to comeOrganizers make sure to let everyone know to bring their pictures with them to the reunion. The idea is to have them bring their favorite photo collections, especially those historical or rare family photos, and let everyone enjoy sharing the stories behind them. Then, each collection is digitized using the easy to use professional scanning rental equipment. Each family brings a USB to transfer the scanned images onto and everyone’s photos get distributed among all the family members for them to continue to enjoy.

Even after the reunion, there're lots of great ways to share the photos using options like uploading the images directly to a secure cloud service, such as Dropbox, Google Photos, One Drive, or Flickr, to name just a few available. Now, every family member - even those who couldn’t attend the reunion - can enjoy these memories of earlier times, for generations to come.

Each rental includes a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner capable of scanning up to 50 snapshots per minute. And, the younger generation of family members loves showing off their technological prowess by feeding the prints into the scanner and watching them instantaneously transform into digital copies. These rental scanners can even handle all those photos with precious notes written on their backside, by scanning both sides at once. Digital images are output to either a JPEG or TIFF file format and can be used by nearly all of the more than 78,000 applications now available to view, organize, enhance, or share photos.

What if there are scrapbooks or fragile photo albums someone doesn't want to disassemble? No problem! The E-Z Photo Scan rental program includes the Kodak flatbed scanner and Kodak Photo Selector Accessory, which scans multiple photos on each album page, and then saved as individual image files. So there’s no risk of harm to them, and album pages remain intact.

E-Z Photo Scan makes it easy. Rentals include everything you need, all in a single impact resistant, waterproof protective case, delivered anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. There’s no software to install because you get a dedicated scanning laptop or a tablet computer to use. There is complete user guide, and even the connection cords are color-coded for easy assembly. Need more help? Use the toll-free phone support line to get your question answered.

Rentals periods are usually either three or seven days. Prepaid shipments get delivered to the authorized FedEx Pick-Up location closest to the where the reunion is occurring. When the event ends, affix the provided prepaid shipping label and return to the same FedEx location used for pick-up.

So, if you want to offer a new way to share and connect with family at your next reunion, renting a professional Kodak Picture Saver Scanner may be just for what you are looking. It’s never been easier to fall in love with your old photos, all over again while sharing or connecting with family in such a special way.


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