Using Perfect Touch On Photos Not Digitized By Kodak Picture Saver Software

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Kodak Picture Scanning Software with Kodak Perfect TouchKodak Perfect Touch is a tool available when using the Kodak Picture Saver Software. So, naturally, users of the application have it easily accessible when scanning photos or treasured documents. But did you know, Kodak Perfect Touch can also be applied to photos not digitized by Kodak Picture Saver Software? 

in fact, that means nearly any digital image - no matter if scanned or born digital. This includes photos taken with a smartphone!
From years of research in consumer picture taking and printing systems, Eastman Kodak Company created a digital photo processing system called Kodak Perfect Touch processing, which uses proprietary software to automatically correct for common image flaws and "mistakes," such as dark shadows, backlighting and red-eye. Kodak Perfect Touch processing also enhances the desirable qualities of photos, for more vibrant color and richer detail than conventional processing. Eastman Kodak Company licensed Kodak Perfect Touch, along with the Kodak Picture Savers Scanner, to the newly formed spin-off company of Kodak Alaris in 2013.

Whether a photo is over- or under-exposed; shot using the wrong film speed; or showing signs of image quality deterioration due to age; Kodak Perfect Touch technology adjusts image content to enhance color, sharpness, and detail in digital images. Sophisticated software algorithms - procedures based on mathematical formulas - control this action.

E-Z Photo Scan has created step-by-step instructions on how to use Kodak Perfect Touch on photos not digitized using the Kodak Picture Saver Software in our Help Center. Learn how to apply Kodak Pefect Touch in this manner...



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