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Our simple and powerful mobile app is developed using a platform that lets you access all the extensive resources created by E-Z Photo Scan.

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Home Page

Home offers easy access to key products provided by E-Z Photo Scan and quick navigation to those specific items.

Mobile App Home Page



Categories Page

Looking for a group of related items? This section groups like products together making it simple to scroll through the entire section to find what you are looking for.

Mobile App Collections



Favorites Page

Want a quick shortcut to a specific item or need more time to decide? Just flag whatever catches your eye by selecting ♥. Then come back to these favorites later. They are all on this single page that you created.

Mobile App Favorites



Cart Page

Ready to buy an item from E-Z Photo Scan? Simply place it in the shopping cart and when all the items you need have been selected, navigate to your cart and check-out.

Mobile App Cart



More Page

Want to harness the inherit innovative technologies of E-Z Photo Scan's mobile app? This page is it! Here we blur the lines between the traditional mobile web and a standalone app. By following the many interactive connects available at your fingertips, you will find a treasure trove of info, tips, help, and more.

Mobile App More Page



Help Center & So Much More!

Access to E-Z Photo Scan's Help Center is just one of the many jumping off points provided by this mobile app. Unlock the power of access to hundreds of informational tools and tips to help you with many photo scanning questions, plus more.

Mobile App Help Center