• Kodak WebUploader for FamilySearch

      Upload Directly into using Kodak Picture Saver Scanners

      Now it is possible to scan your precious photos and treasured family documents with a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner, then upload them directly into with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software.

      It's fun, fast and easy!

    • Seamlessly Upload Collections

      Kodak Alaris and E-Z Photo Scan have developed a new powerful, integrated application to view, pick and seamlessly upload collections immediately after being digitized, working together in partnership. Now it is possible for you to scan and save all your photos or treasured documents, plus upload them to without ever having to leave the Kodak scanning software.

      Treasured family photos, documents and records digitized, using the current line of Kodak Picture Saver Photo Scanners or i2000 Series Document Scanning Systems, can now be easily uploaded directly into the Memory section of your account with the Kodak WebUploader.

      FamilySearch Certified

      The Kodak WebUploader for FamilySearch offers the ability to manage the digital files you choose to upload into a account. Once scanned, saved pictures, treasured documents, and records can be uploaded individually or in groups. And, if you have additional digital files saved elsewhere, such as a USB drive, that you would like to include into your account, simply select those files and the WebUploader will upload them just as easily.

      The WebUploader is compatible with the Kodak Picture Saver Software PS50/PS55/PS80/PS5080 and Kodak Smart Touch Scanning Software (requires PS50, PS55, PS80, Kodak i2000 series). It supports jpg, txt, png, pdf, and tiff file formats.

      The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and a growing number of Family History Centers with Kodak Picture Saver Scanners throughout the world have already begun setting up the Kodak WebUploader for use by their patrons. It is available for download at no additional cost to both FamilySearch affiliated organizations and individual users.

    • Download this Free App

      Kodak WebUploader for FamilySearch

      Step 1 - System Requirements

      This application requires one of the following versions of Picture Saver Scanning Software

      Application requires computer connection to either PS50, or PS80 model Kodak Picture Saver Scanner and active Internet connectivity.

      Step 2 - Install and Use Instructions

      This guide details the app installation process and instructions about using the Kodak WebUploader for FamilySearch.

      Step 3 - Download App

      Download the free Kodak WebUploader for FamilySearch application to get started.