Do It For You Scanning

E-Z Photo Scan Offers Do-It-For-You Scanning Services

Looking for a high quality digitization service to help transform you photos, 35mm slides, or other items into digital treasures. Then consider letting E-Z Photo Scan do the scanning of your printed photo collections, slides, or treasured documents at their Altamonte Springs office.

Don't like the idea of shipping your project to us? No worries!  consider renting the equipment and turn your digitization project into a DIY one.

Scan- Photo Prints


Premier Print Photograph Scanning

From fancy acid-free photo boxes to paper grocery bags bulging with prints, get your photos to us, and we will help preserve them. Photos are scanned by gloved professionals following guidelines prescribed by the National Archives and are returned to you, organized by container and saved onto USB thumb drives. From $0.32 per photo.

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Scan- Photo Albums

Photo Album Scanning

Removing, scanning, and restoring photos to old albums requires special tools, a steady hand, and a passion for detail. E-Z Photo Scan documents the picture layout of each page for proper restoration before gloved professionals disassemble, scan, and reassemble the albums. Photos are returned back in their original arrangement within the album. Scanned copies are organized by album and saved onto USB thumb drives. From $1.00 per photo.

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Scan- 35mm Slides

Premier Slide Scanning

Slide and Negative collections present a special challenge. Families used to gather around the projector screen to reminisce about these most cherished, meticulous, and vibrant shots. Today, they often gather dust, with their contents long forgotten. E-Z Photo Scan digitizes slides at a high resolution, one at a time using professional imaging equipment and then applies correct color profiles to adjust for the film original bias. From $0.32 per slide.

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Scan- Treasured Documents

Safeguard Treasured Memories 

From your child's first-grade artwork fresh from the fridge to your great-grandmother's marriage license, treasured documents come in a range of sizes, shapes, and types. E-Z Photo Scan's gloved professionals scan more than just pictures. White-gloved specialists trained in preserving fragile, precious papers scan the documents following guidelines prescribed by the National Archives. As with your photos, these treasures will be organized by container and saved onto USB thumb drives. From $0.32 per photo..

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Scan- Bound Documents and Scrapbooks

Scrapbook & Book Scanning Technology

Scanning bound documents and scrapbooks takes a special approach by trained professionals. E-Z Photo Scan uses special scanners and techniques to preserve bound items while carefully preserving their structural integrity. Your original publications are returned, along with a scanned copy saved as high-resolution JPG images on USB thumb drives.  From $1.00 per image.

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