RootsTech 2017 Overview

RootsTech 2017

Thanks for joining us at RootsTech 2017!

On behalf of E-Z Photo Scan, I want to thank you for joining us at our booth during the RootsTech 2017 conference. We hope you had success exploring the great vendors and attending classes. 

5 Years Strong! This was E-Z Photo Scan's 5th RootsTech conference. We enjoyed visiting with friends from previous events and making so many new ones! 

It takes great attendees like yourself to make a conference a success, so we thank you for your participation and engagement.

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 Rent High-Speed Photo Scanning Equipment


Looking to Rent a High-Quality/High-Speed Photo or Slide Scanner?

At RootsTech 2017, E-Z Photo Scan debuted it new Rent2Scan program. Now it is possible to enjoy scanning all your photos or slides in the comfort of your own home, at a family reunion, or even during a visit with family members clear across the country.

Each of the Rent2Scan scanning kits comes with everything you need to begin digitizing the pictures in your project. There are no limits to the number of images you can scan. So, get your family or friends together and have your very own scanning party!

There is a Rent2Scan kit for photos and another one for slides. Set-up takes minutes and our low rental fee takes care of shipping the unit to you, all the equipment, and providing a pre-paid FedEx shipping label to return the kit. Typical packages include 3-days and 7-days of fun-filled scanning and if you need to extend your rental period, you can add more days at our reasonable daily rental extension rate.  

To learn more, visit E-Z Photo Scan’s Rental Showcase. This year we are offering a ROOTSTECH SPECIAL. Be sure to add the coupon code RENTSCAN50 when you place your order. The coupon is valid from February 8, 2017 - February 7, 2018, some restrictions may apply.

Like to speak with one of our team and have them help get the system you want? Call us at 1-866-468-7250. You can also reach by email at, or use the ‘Chat with Us’ feature on

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Interested In Buying a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner?



Many stopping in to see us at Booth #1111 this year indicated they are looking to purchase one of the world-class photo scanning systems used to digitize all the many photos scanned by attendees throughout the event. These are the very same scanning systems features in FamilySearch Libraries and FamilySearch History Centers around the country.

This year we are offering a ROOTSTECH SPECIAL. Be sure to add the coupon code ROOTSTECH100 when you purchase online from our E-Z Photo Scan RootsTech Collection of Kodak Picture Saver Scanners.

Have questions, or would just like to speak with one of our team and have them help get the system you want? Call us at 1-866-562-4660 and don’t forget to let our team know you visited with us at RootsTech.  

The coupon is valid from February 8, 2017 - March 8, 2017, some restrictions may apply.Shop Photo Scanners

Celebrate & Remember with


This year we had our friends from sharing their new and unique way to celebrate, remember, and share your stories.

LifePosts is a beautiful way to use your images – along with your stories and your videos – to create permanent, vivid biography pages, or commemorations of big life moments.  The unique and easy-to-use tools have been used for memorials, wedding anniversary tributes, a way to a mission experience and more.

For anyone visiting E-Z Photo Scan’s RootsTech 2017 booth, LifePosts is extending a SPECIAL ROOTSTECH OFFER. This includes a FREE 7-day trial and the ability to create a milestone for just $29 (no annual recurring fees). Use the promo code ‘rootstech’ to claim your savings.

Scannx Book Scanning


Scannx Book Scanning This year we had book scanning in the E-Z Photo Scan booth for the very first time. As an affiliate of Scannx, it was our privilege to have their very latest book scanning equipment in our booth to use. Be sure to check out the Zeutschel Zeta Comfort powered by Scannx. Its powerful A3+, 600 dpi color digitization tool recognized for its ease of use, image quality, advanced capabilities for sophisticated users, book friendly scanning, security, accessibility, and cost effectiveness.

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