Team E-Z Photo Scan

Be on the lookout, another E-Z Photo Scan team member is coming your way in 3-D

David by ezphotoscan on Sketchfab

If you have a technical question, then David is your guy! As E-Z Photo Scan's Technical Support Manager, he is up to the task of helping you get through whatever photo scanning challenge that comes your way. Ranked as a former top 50 competitive gamer in the world, if you find yourself outgunned while playing Halo or Overwatch online late one night, it may very well be this otherwise mild-mannered chap.

James by ezphotoscan on Sketchfab

Don’t be fooled by E-Z Photo Scan’s Client & Support Manager. His even-keeled attitude and ability to gently work through most any question clients have gets shelved whenever James competes competitively in marshal arts competition. Competitors don’t stand a chance when confronted with one of his gravity-defying leg sweep maneuvers, or one-arm takedowns.
As VP of Finance, Karen remains busy behind the scenes at E-Z Photo Scan and its parent company, i/oTrak, Inc., attending to the finance, accounting, and fiscal functions of the organization. However, she is much more than a numbers cruncher! Just ask her about the year-round garden she has at her home just down the road from i/oTrak's corporate office in Central Florida. You'll get a quick primer on when to expect the best yield of tomatoes, how to fight off squash bugs, or the best way to serve up green beans for dinner, after being harvested 20 minutes prior.
After joining the i/oTrak family, Mylan has the distinction of having been a part of every section of the organization. That includes being a part of starting up E-Z Photo Scan. Now, Mylan is our Senior Application Developer and oversees the million plus lines of code that developed by i/oTrak to run the organization’s intregate applications. He also does most of his work standing up on a treadmill desk logging between 6-10 miles a day!

Richard "Rick" Lippert by ezphotoscan on Sketchfab

Trained as a radiologic technologist, Rick has taken hundreds of thousands of pictures - of people’s insides! But that was not always the case. As a small child Rick and his dad would convert the bathroom of the family home into a photo darkroom where they developed the pictures they took with their 35mm film cameras. So, while he appreciates the art and science of medical imaging, Rick definitely enjoys his new found passion of helping people to keep, save, protect and share their treasured photos and documents through scanning.

Troy by ezphotoscan on Sketchfab

Who you gonna call when it comes to getting your rental photo or slide scanner ready to go? If you said Troy, then you hit the nail right on its head. One of the newest members to Team E-Z Photo Scan, he oversees the entire fleet of our rental equipment. Plus, Troy makes sure if you drop off things to be scanned at E-Z Photo Scan that they are completed just the way you want them. But don’t be fooled by this gentle giant of a guy, he knows how to play hard and is ruthless with a video game controller in his hand!