Toolbox Help Description-Order

Description/Order Tool Set

The tools within this set are designed to modify or change the description of file names, metadata associated with the digital image, and the ordering of images.

Tool: Kodak Auto-Reverse Setting

This tool allows Kodak Picture Saver Scanner users scanning with the Kodak Picture Scanning Software to quickly change the programs standard behavior of ordering photos. Applicable to Kodak Picture Saver Scanner Models PS50, PS55, and PS80 only.

Step 1

Select the Kodak Auto-Reverse Setting tool within the Description / Order Tool Set of the E-Z Photo Scan Toolbox.

Step 2

When launched this tool identifies the model(s) of the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner installed on the computer. In the event, more than a single Kodak Picture Saver Scanner operates on the same computer and they are different models, the tool will identify the multiple scanner types. It will then allow selection of altering the auto-reverse setting for models independently.

Next, it locates the current ordering behavior selected within the Kodak Picture Scanning Software's *.ini file for the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner. The default setting is to utilize the auto-reverse mode. Depending upon how the photos are batched and processed through the scanner, this feature can be extremely useful. However, each the scanner stops running it triggers the Kodak Picture Scanning Software to auto-reverse resulting in image reordering.

Step 3

To maintain the default functionality of the Kodak Picture Scanning Software to auto-reverse, toggle to the will auto-reverse selection. This choice maintains the default auto reordering method. To read more about how this function can be utilized in scanning batches of photos, read this.

Step 4

To alter this auto-reverse function in a manner that saves the images in the same order as they are being transformed from and analog-to-digital format, toggle to the selection will not auto-reverse. The resulting outcome will be scanned photos without reordering.

Using this tool permits the Kodak Picture Scanning Software's auto-reverse configuration to be quickly changed, based upon the desired results of the workflow being utilized during the scanning process. The choice of desired auto-reverse behavior will remain in effect until it is reconfigured using the toggle button.