Kodak Cleaning Kit

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Kodak Alaris offers supplies and consumables for all Kodak Scanners. For optimal feeder performance and image quality, Kodak Alaris recommends using these professional cleaning materials and consumable items.

E-Z Photo Scan has bundled the duo of Kodak Roller Cleaning Pads and Kodak Transport Cleaning Sheets. This cleaning kit combo keeps your scanner producing the highest-quality images possible, even during long scanning runs digitizing large volumes of items. 

Roller Pads

Kodak Roller Cleaning Pads

Each packet contains a pre-saturated pad using a 3% emulsiclean and 97% deionized water. Maintain scanner tire life and performance with these pads especially engineered to clean without damaging the rubber tire composition.

Transport Sheets

Kodak Transport Cleaning Sheets

These uniquely designed sheets are constructed using an A4 sized paper of stiff basis weight coated with a special adhesive layer. Intermolecular forces associated with the adhesive make it suitable for removing minute or extremely small particulates deposited into the scanning path and on the transport rollers without damage to scanner components.

Their use reduces a potential build-up of micro-particulates introduced into the scanning path or onto transport rollers from items being scanned. The result is a cleaner transport path and scanner optical components even after long digitization runs with large volumes of items.


Kit Includes:

  • 1-Packet of Kodak Transport Cleaning Sheets (50 count)
  • 1-Packet of Kodak Roller Cleaning Pads (24 count)