Kodak Gentle Photo Separation Module

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The Gentle Photo Separation Module is a set of rollers on the top of the input path, closest to the input tray. It also incorporates a unique clutch within its hub providing a gentler touch (less pressure during separation contact) than any other standard separation module within the industry.This module assures the safe scanning of fragile objects, such as photographs, old documents, and memorabilia.

The Gentle Photo Separation Module has been designed and tested specifically for the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems. Although this module can be accommodated into other members of Kodak Alaris' scanner family, its performance has not been formally evaluated and rated by Kodak Alaris.


Includes; 1 each Gentle Photo Separation Module

Replacement part for the following Kodak Alaris scanner families:

  • PS80
  • PS50
  • PS410/810